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A haven for all with its bohemian flair, Greenwich Village Apartments brim with a vibrant selection of colorful shops, restaurants and apartments for sale.

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About Greenwich Village Apartments. Known simply as “The Village” to locals, Greenwich Village retains much of the inviting bohemian charm and quirky personality that made it the counter-culture capital of New York City through much of the 1960’s and ’70’s. As a result, Greenwich Village apartments are highly sought after.  Greenwich Village boundaries consist of 14th street to the North, Houston street to the south, Broadway avenue outlining the east and the Hudson River as the west borderline.

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Greenwich village was once predominately a (starving) artists community until rising real estate prices changed this community’s fortunes. It has recently undergone a rapid transformation into a fully diverse residential population of celebrities, business professionals, and New Yorkers of all backgrounds. From college rental apartment buildings to very expensive condos and coops, Greenwich Village retains an eclectic vibe. The neighborhood itself offers many eclectic restaurants, boutiques and “mom & pop” style shops. Greenwich Village maintains its reputation for having an underground demographic with hideaway clubs, bars and restaurants.   If you are searching for an apartment in Manhattan's Greenwich Village than you have found the best page to help you with that.  This page and its search abilities will connect you DIRECTLY to ALL Greenwich Village properties for sale. We host all properties for sale in Manhattan regardless of which agency has listed it. We are NYC's most connected real estate listing database. Our service automatically updates every 24hours. This page will display the newest Greenwich Village Apartments for sale daily, removing old listings and entering in new to market properties as they come out.