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Don’t Just Buy An Apartment

Don’t Just Buy An Apartment, 

When looking for property wether it be here in Manhattan New York City or elsewhere in the United States there is a significant difference between buying a property and purchasing a home. I am not speaking about a structural or financial definition but rather a metaphysical feeling and appearance contrasting the two. The purpose of this article is to rear in the feeling and presentation of the two terms, property and home.

A property is defined as “ A possession, a piece of land or structure in which one has possession of with a right of passage onto, within or about”  In a metaphysical appearance a property would be like owning a garage for storage or  land to grow crops.  A home is defined as “ a place in which a person, family or household reside, or a retreat for a person where their personal affections are centered”   When looking to purchase a place for yourself or family to live you should understand the difference in terms between,  property and home. Lets say you were driving down the street through a residential area. You come across a house where you see the windows are boarded up, grass is overgrown and signage on the front with a legal note attached. Would you call this a home? Or a property? This is the difference in which I am referring to. Now lets say you were driving further down the same road and you come across a house in which there are people living there, maybe in the backyard having a barbecue or gathering of some sort. You would call this a home as it has a center of affection to its appearance.

My reason for this article and approach to describing the two terms here are not to give off a deepened intellect of my views but to help people form a new perception while out looking for a place to purchase. You see many of times I can be showing apartments to a perspective buyer and they can come across lets say loose items thrown on the bed in one of the rooms. To the buyer you will here something like “ Don’t these people believe in hangers or closets “ but if you were the person who owned the property or home in this case this would be your place of outlet, so comfortability is why this happens. Now on the other hand if you were a perspective seller and someone walked into your apartment ( home ) and they did something like knock on the walls asking if they were hollow or kick at the floorboards looking for a loose plank, to the perspective buyer they are viewing a property for investment so these types of actions would  interpret a particularity in the buyer. Now the seller in this situation may be upset at behavior like this because to them this is their home, but consequently if you are putting the home on the market for purchase than this is an understanding scenario.

My point and case in this dialogue would be for buyers and sellers to understand the differences between each other and be understanding that if you are viewing a property to purchase, to you it is a property but to the seller it is a home so a level of mindful understanding can go a long way.  If you happen to be a seller and you are displaying your home for an asking price of which you would be collecting than be mindful that to the purchaser the home is actually a property up for sale so quirky little questions and actions are what help them see themselves as an owner and maybe even gain the perception of this becoming their new home.

Don’t just buy an apartment but look for a home and don’t just sell your home but display a property that can be a home to another.

Note: these are my opinions and experiences which have helped myself understand and represent both a buyer or a seller in the process of home ownership.

Anthony Alfieri Top Manhattan Agent/Broker

Anthony Alfieri Top Manhattan Agent/Broker



Sincerely,  Anthony Alfieri



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