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Known for its budget bistros, standout bars, and charming tenement-style condos and rentals, the East Village is downtown’s most livable and laid-back neighborhood

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About Manhattan's East Village Apartments. To the North,  the borderline of the East Village in Manhattan is 14th street all the way down to Houston street on the south edge.  The western rim of the East Village is 3rd Avenue along the Bowery across to the East River as the eastern outline of the neighborhood

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The East Village was once a part of the Lower East-side of Manhattan but during the 1980’s took on a cultural renaissance of its own.  Before the crowds of young professionals moved here, it was the birthplace of Punk Rock and a popular residential area for artists and multicultural mindsets. The influential art scene of the 1960’s – 1980’s has faded in the wake of rising rents. However, the East Village is still one of the best places in Manhattan for awesome bars, restaurants, and shopping.   If you are searching for an apartment,condo or coop in Manhattan's East Village neighborhood, than you have found the best page to help you with that. This page and its search abilities will connect you DIRECTLY to ALL East Village properties for sale. We host all properties for sale in Manhattan regardless of which agency has listed it. We are NYC's most connected real estate listing database. Our service automatically updates every 24 hours. This page will display the newest East Village Apartments for sale daily, removing old listings and entering in new to market properties as they come out.