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Why are Manhattan Real Estate Agents Licensed ?

As a top Manhattan Real Estate Agent, answering this question always seems to stump people. Most of us have this belief that the reason for real estate agents being Licensed is for New York State to make money off of us. The answer is actually very serious.

Manhattan real estate agents are Licensed for a few very good reasons.

1… Here in Manhattan, we are in the strictest demographic area for fair housing criteria. Most people don’t know that Manhattan, New York City, is the leader and innovator for all anti-discrimination and fair housing laws abroad.

2… Being Licensed is New York states way of controlling the knowledge and education base to maintain all the zoning, compliance and property laws that keep this city uniform.

3… Number three has to be the most important reason for Manhattan real estate agents to maintain a License. Just like your accountant CPA, stock broker, life insurance agent and lawyers, our License shows our high standards and respect for our profession.

In simple terms, we are Licensed because we are dealing with other peoples’ money and wealth management. Contrary to the popular stereotype, real estate agents are not just sales people. We are there to protect our clients from being taken advantage of, selling property short and overpaying without reason for a prospective property.

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